What to Expect

Exclusive Roofing Inc. does not employ any high pressure sales tactics. An estimator from our company will set an appointment to meet with you at your convenience. The estimator will introduce Himself/Herself by handing you a card with His/Her name and the Exclusive Roofing Company Logo. He/She will then politely ask for access to your loft in order to conduct a full roof inspection. Our estimator may take notes at this time to document any problems you might have with insulation, ventilation, emersion leaks, bathroom venting or mold. He/She will then head outside for a visual inspection of the exterior of your roof, documenting any potential problems with stack pipes, drip edging, flashings, chimney, and gutters. Next our estimator will measure your roof and calculate, along with all His/Her findings, the amount of product and labor needed for a precise estimate. Samples of our products will then be shown, to you along with a thorough explanation of the entire installation process. Our estimator will then need approximately ten minutes to write up your estimate.