5-Star company in every way a company could be rated. As a homeowner, realtor, businessman, former town administrator, I have worked with every conceivable type of contractor, and Stephen Michaud / Exclusive Roofing is clearly the best of the best! Quality products, quality service, quality satisfaction. I am proud to have used their services twice, proud to know them, proud to refer them.

Daryl Gonyon Capt, USAF - Ret.
Fall River, MA

I’ve been using “Exclusive Roofing” on all my rehabs and investment properties for the last five years. All I can say is I wish I had found these guys sooner. My requested quotes always come within a day or two, and the price is always more than fair for the quality work received.

Jose Souza
Providence, RI

Much like another reviewer noted, they were fast (spoke with Steve, the owner one evening, and he was there for the estimate same day). The crew showed up two days later at 7am, followed by Steve 30 minutes later. He hung out, explaining exactly what they were doing, answering any questions I had, while his guys were tearing off the old shingles in all of 45 minutes. In less than a business day, I had a great-looking new roof with top quality shingles, new venting, etc., for all of $5G. Two of my neighbors asked for contact info that day. These guys are like army ants. Incredibly efficient. If they were general contractors, I’d be rehiring them for everything. I’ve done some general contracting work in the past, and was very impressed with Steve’s knowledge and, especially, that he showed up to see the job. Most others would have simply sent the crew and moved on. He showed (well-deserved) pride in his business.

Brian Wallingford
Swansea, MA

Really good company! I called and made a same day appointment which I really appreciated. Especially since the other two guys I called took two and three days to get back to me. The rep they sent to my house, Josh was very professional; inspected my loft and gave me lots to think over. There was no pressure to buy or sign on the first day and the price seemed very reasonable. I signed the contract with Exclusive on July 28, 2011 and I had a new roof before the first of August. This company is efficient, neat, and you can see, really pride themselves on being the best at what they do. Josh recommended the lifetime architectural shingle and also helped me chose the color which I again, really appreciated. I will definitely refer Exclusive, these guys are the best.

Richard D.
Fall River, MA

All the roofers I spoke to and received estimates from said if I wanted to save money I should simply do a layover. This is what I was looking to do because the roof was only 12 years old and other than the moss growing all over it, it didn’t look too bad. Then my last estimate came from Rep. Mark from Exclusive Roofing Inc. I told him I was considering a layover and the first thing he said was “what condition is the decking in?” I said “I guess it’s fine why?” To make a long story short, Mark was the only person to actually inspect my loft and boy am I glad he did. Not only was the plywood completely delaminated and weak but I had moisture in the deck that had spouted black mold all over it. I wasn’t happy about the extra cost to strip off the old deck, but I have piece of mind that the job is now 100%. If I had chosen another roofer I might still be living with a moldy weakened roof. Thank’s “Exclusive” for hiring such a knowledgable nice guy.

Dave Sousa
Taunton, MA

What can I say that hasn’t already been said here. All the people who comprise your company obviously take pride in every step of the process. I feel lucky to have had such a good group of men working on my house. I am especially happy with the cleanup. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. After every thing looked perfectly clean and the magnets were used to pick up all the nails, the foreman went around my property three more times looking for stray nails, before making it official. It is the little things that can make all the difference. Of course my roof looks great too.


Charles & Mary Johnson
Wakefield, RI

We took bids from three companies of which “Exclusive” came out right in the middle. Upon closer evaluation however, comparing the types of materials and installation techniques it became clear Exclusive was the best choice. Our new architectural shingles and copper gutters look fantastic and the overall project came out better than we anticipated. We highly recommend “Exclusive” to anyone wanting a high quality job with attention to detail for a reasonable price.

Joseph & Kathleen Sullivan
Newport, RI

Gentlemen…yours is the only company with whom I’ve met that I can actually use that word. Mark you’re an upstanding, honest man and I thank you for providing all the information about your company’s product and warranties. I don’t want to re-roof my home ever again, and I believe the lifetime product you promote stands the best chance in preventing just that. My roof looks fantastic and my yard is not much worse for the wear. When people ask, as I’m sure they will, I wont hesitate to give them your information. An additional thanks for the 15% I received off your finest product.

Michael Connoly
Warwick, RI

I rate rate this company great because everything the owner said would take place, actually did take place, from the delivery of the product to the one day installation right down to every last nail being picked up. The guys were personable hard working and actually happy which says a lot about a company. They weren’t the cheapest company out there but I would recommend them to all who truly appreciate quality.

Pam Williams
Portsmouth, RI

Why did my twelve year old roof blow off my house, one shingle at a time? That is the question I posed to three different roofers. Before I re-roofed I wanted to make sure I did not hire a company that was going to use the same product and or installation that failed so miserably. Out of seven estimates I chose “Exclusive Roofing Inc.” (not because they were the cheapest, they were not) but because their lifetime product had the best warranty out of the bunch. That warranty included a 130 mph wind warranty that was significantly greater than all the others brought to me. Also the manufacturer they import from has been making this particular shingle for over 100 years. I am glad I shopped around to find a company that truly uses the best products possible. As for the installation , my neighbor told me it went like military precision. All I know is when I got home from work it was done, everything was clean, and it looked great. Thank You Exclusive.

Paul Ventura Jr.
Dighton, MA

Finally!! a company that does what they say they’re gonna do. Sorry I was so difficult Steve, but I’m so used to incompetence I expected more of the same. I’ve been burned too many times but you helped restore my faith in local business. Thanks for proving me wrong. Also thanks for painting the stink pipes and flashing and being so thorough with the cleanup. If you ever need a referral let me know.

Ken Lepage
Fall River, MA

Let me start by explaining that my house is 30 yrs old and the roof has been sagging in various locations for at least 20 yrs. I didn’t know what had caused this problem so I called a local contractor that came out and looked at it. He diagnose the problem as “builder incompetence” saying the builder faced the crowns of the trusses in the wrong direction. He offered to fix my roof by shimming the trusses between the plywood from inside the attic and then re-roofing. I would have went with him but the price seemed bit excessive for the work cited, and he didn’t answer all my questions with very much confidence. My cousin in Tiverton told me he was happy with the roofers he hired 5 yrs ago. He said they offered free roof inspections so I figured what the heck. The owner came out to my house and after looking in the attic said, “this is an easy fix” “you have a broken vent hose from your bathroom vent that is pumping extra moisture into your loft” “you also have too much insulation near the soffits and not enough ventilation overall” He said you have slowly bent the trusses the same way one would bend wood to make a bentwood rocker. He explained steam from the shower temporarily weakens the trusses and the pressure from the weight of the roof causes them to sag before they can dry and become rigid again. The fix required tearing out plywood that received moisture damage and sistering the trusses that were bent and then re-decking those same areas. It also required the removal of some insulation, installing baffles from the soffit vents and installing a ridge vent across the entire roof. I received a price for this work plus a Lifetime Owens Corning Shingle for $2000.00 less than the guy who wanted to just shim my roof and then re-shingle. Exclusive Roofing Inc. completed the job in one day and I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome. When they left my yard it was actually cleaner than when they started. I’m not kidding… I guess if there is a point to my story it is, search for a contractor that has enough knowledge to answer any question you could possible ask them. It is your job to do some homework and ask as many questions as possible. If you are not happy with the answers, move on to the next guy until you are satisfied. With exclusive Roofing Inc. I believe you will be satisfied. I know I am.

David Lamothe
Coventry, RI

My roof was leaking after a pretty bad rain storm, so I called “Exclusive” at the prompting of a co-worker who had them do their roof last year. Right from the initial phone call I knew I was dealing with professionals. I was able to make a same day appointment with an estimator from the company which really impressed me. But I was even more impressed by the speedy product delivery and installation that took place a mere two days after my call. According to my wife our entire sixteen hundred square foot roof was stripped, reshingled and all the debris was removed before 3:30 PM. I must say: the cleanup was meticulous as advertised. Very efficient and very professional. I will definitely refer Exclusive Roofing to friends and family.

Steven Camara
Fall River, MA

Our roof was at the end of its lifespan when Hurricane Sandy hit. We tried waiting until Spring to replace it but heavy rains just led to constant leaking and it quickly became an urgent situation in early January. Exclusive roofing was able to come out within a week of us calling and replaced the entire roof in one Saturday morning. We were very impressed they started at 7am and finished before 1 even with a few inches of snow already on the roof. They always got back to us right away, they were here when they said they would be here and finished when they they said they would finish. Steve was great to work with, very professional and made sure our property was cleaned up as best as possible with the snow on the ground. Thank you so much guys!

Angela A.
Fall River, MA

I needed to get my roof replaced but didn’t know where to begin. Several roofers had stopped to offer their services over the past few summers but I just couldn’t bring myself to commit to any of them. I didn’t know why I was feeling so apprehensive until I set an appointment with Steve, the owner of Exclusive Roofing. The information I received from Steve was literally ten times that of all the others. l learned a ton about warranties and how significant the differences are between various companies. I learned of the manufacturing differences between superior and inferior shingles. I learned a lot about the installation process and all the products used right down to nails. Thanks for giving me the knowledge and confidence to make the right choice and thanks for helping me choose the right color; the sunset cedar looks great in contrast with the brick porch. PS I know I already thanked your guys for boxing my azaleas to protect them from falling shingles, but that was clever and it separates you from the others. Thank you so much for making a daunting task feel like a walk in the park. If you ever need a referral feel free. Thanks “Exclusive Roofing”.

Kristine K.